Senior Care Inquiry Program (SCIP)

Need Senior Care Leads?

Senior Care Businesses try many methodologies to win new clients and families. Approved Senior Network helps overcome these hurdles.

Our programs and services are for established private duty home care agencies, home health care agencies, assisted living communities, skilled care facilities, nursing homes, care centers, elder law practices, estate planning practices, long-term care insurance agents, long-term care insurance practices, care managers, care homes, and various other senior care products and services.

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What's Included:

  • Ad Campaign Development & Management
  • Different Ad Options and Strategies.
  • All Inquiry Forms are Unique to Your Business. Not Shared.
  • Landing Page Development for Lead Acquisition
  • Local Senior Care Guide Written for You & Your Senior Care Inquiries
  • 30-Day Branded Email Drip Campaign (with your company name, phone number/ contact info)
  • Monthly Email Drip after 30-days.
  • Expert Listing on
  • Ads Reach a 20-mile Radius from Your Office or 600,000 Population Max
  • Inquiries from Families are Emailed to You in Real-Time and Accessible via our S.M.A.R.T. CRM.
  • Minimum Facebook Ad Spend (your cost) is $300/month ($10/day)
  • 6-Month Participation Requirement, 30-day Cancellation Notice Required


What results can you share?

We don't share others' results. The person following up on the lead has a lot of bearing on the closing ratio. Are they a good closer? A terrible closer? Are they doing this for long-term growth? Short term satisfaction? Both? Too many variables. We can share that many clients have been doing this for at least a year now, and are not stopping services.


We consider this a medium to long-term growth strategy. All inquiries are added to a 30-day drip-campaign of emails, plus they are yours to keep. Most clients have them added to their monthly e-newsletter list as well.
If you are desperately seeking a short-term solution to cash flow issues, this would not be the right program to adopt.

How different is this from the lead generation programs of and


Very different, in that all leads are exclusive. We do not share leads, ever. We do not charge per lead. We do not ask for a dollar amount up front except for the set-up fee.


This is a very individual marketing campaign, with your branding. Not a generic lead gen form. The amount you spend on Facebook is up to you. You get 10-30 leads per month generally speaking.  (Depends on your spend, $300 being the lowest.)


What lead inquiry volume might be expected from a $300/month spend?

10-30 Your geography and population size makes a difference.


What details about leads are provided? 

Are telephone numbers and email addresses validated?


First name, last name, email, phone, zip code, Free form text (some people like to add details, others do not)


We do not validate phone numbers, but the person receives a text from the system when they fill out the form. We can tell pretty quickly if it's the wrong number.


Will guidance on how best to follow-up leads be provided? 

We create a personalized video that walks you through all the steps of our process and gives advice on follow up. Not everyone works the same way, so we just share best practices. The rest is up to you.


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